Collaborative Family Law

Do you want a better way than to resolve your family dispute through the court system?
Collaborative family law is a tool that allows all parties involved in a divorce or separation to work collaboratively in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the issues stemming from the breakdown of their marriage. This model is based on the honesty, respect, and integrity of all parties, whom will benefit from this type of resolution because it avoids the adversarial, costly, and hostile nature of the litigation process. After all parties come to a mutual agreement regarding their interests, the agreement is incorporated into a valid and legal binding agreement.

Collaborative family law is an important part of our practice here at Matlow, Miller, Cummins, Thrasher LLP. We work hard to represent our clients’ interests and the interests of the family to the fullest extent of our ability, while also helping them achieve a mutual and beneficial resolution for their most challenging family matters. We will ensure that the final agreement will reflect the needs of all parties and the family.

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