James Butler

James grew up in Kitchener, Ontario. James is a student-at-law, and hopes to pass the bar in June of 2024. James plans to practice in civil litigation, but has a keen interest in many areas of law. 

As he works towards becoming a good lawyer, James benefits greatly from David’s leadership as his principal, the teaching of lawyers, and the guidance of paralegals and law clerks. James understands the duty of a lawyer as serving the best interests of clients with integrity. He is passionate about access to justice. James brings a background in design and philosophy to the practice of law – emphasizing clear communication, creative problem solving, and informed decision-making. 

James graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2019 with a Bachelors of Knowledge Integration (BKI), with joint honours in Philosophy. In 2023, he graduated from the University of Toronto with a JD.