Construction Litigation

You and your company have established a reputation for workmanship and professionalism.  What do you do when your construction invoices are not being paid in a timely fashion?  Like you, our construction litigation team has an established reputation built on professionalism and results.

The Construction Act prescribes unique and special rights and remedies to construction contractors.  The statutory lien creates an interest in the land in favour of those who supply materials or services, thereby creating security. The lien, when properly preserved and perfected, operates to prevent the owner from receiving improved land without making payment for the improvement.

The Construction Act incorporates very rigid time constraints on the lien process.  Don’t delay.  Call our experienced construction litigation team immediately after your invoices go unpaid for 30 days.  We will quickly assess the applicable time constraints to ensure that you do not miss your opportunity to lien.  Thereafter, we have the experience to see you through the lien process from preservation to trial.

A construction lien is not necessarily the appropriate remedy in all circumstances.  We will advise you whether a lien makes sense for you.  Further, you are not without recourse if you have inadvertently missed the lien deadlines.  One of our experienced construction litigation lawyers will quickly walk you through litigation options beyond the Construction Act.

How we can help you:

  • registering a construction lien
  • negotiating a resolution; or
  • commencing a claim or defending a claim

We regularly advise Owners, Contractors and Subcontractors in a variety of matters including claims for extra work or change orders, delay, work deficiencies, and negligent workmanship.  Contact us today.

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