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We regularly act for employers and employees in all manners of employment-related issues.  Whether you are an employee or an employer, call one of our experienced employment law lawyers to discuss your employment related questions.

As an employee, your employment is your livelihood.  Nothing is more important or essential than ensuring that you are adequately protected in respect of the myriad of issues that might arise within the context of your job.  From the beginning of the employment relationship to its end, we are there for you.  Our services include the review of employment contracts or independent contractor agreements, as well as the review of restrictive covenants (including non-competition clause and non-solicitation clauses).  And if your employment is terminated, either for cause or otherwise, our experienced team of employment lawyers will be there to see you through this challenging time.  It is our priority to ensure that you are fairly compensated.  We regularly represent employees with harassment and discrimination complaints, as well as with wrongful dismissal claims.

For employees:

  • review of employment contracts/independent contractor agreements;
  • review of restrictive covenant agreements;
  • review of termination packages;
  • wrongful dismissal claims; and
  • harassment and discrimination complaints.

As employers, you depend on your employees to support and maintain your business enterprise.  This relationship is, unfortunately, fraught with difficulties and challenges.  We regularly guide employers through the intricacies of employment law.  Are you complying with all of your obligations to your employees?  Call us today.  We urge you to consider formalizing your employment relationships in employment contracts or independent contractor agreements.  Do these agreements protect the business that you have worked hard to build?  Our firm has years of experience preparing and reviewing employment agreements, as well as restrictive covenant agreements.

The decision to terminate an employee is never an easy one.  Employers may be subject to significant liability in respect of the obligation to provide notice to their employees.  Call one of our experienced employment lawyers before you make the decision to terminate an employee.

For employers:

  • preparation of employment contracts/independent contractor agreements;
  • preparation of restrictive covenant agreements;
  • termination of employees;
  • defending wrongful dismissal claims;
  • responding to harassment and discrimination complaints; and
  • independent workplace investigations.

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