Business & Corporate Law

With over 100 years of combined experience, our Business and Corporate Law Department provides ongoing legal services to more than 600 local businesses, from sole proprietors to established corporations. Our clients know that by retaining us as their business lawyers, they will receive individual attention and benefit from our lawyer’s knowledge and experience within business law.

Our corporate Lawyers provide individuals and businesses with legal advice on matters, including but not limited to, the structuring of new proprietorships, partnerships and incorporations (both Federal and Provincial), from the initial brainstorming and discussion stage to the filing and issuance of Articles of Incorporation. We offer business consulting services to fit all your business needs.

At your request, our dedicated team of corporate Lawyers and Law Clerks may provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Business searches and registrations (including PPSA, executions, bankruptcy and due diligence);
  • Business name searches, registrations and renewals (including NUANS);
  • Employment Agreements;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Incorporation process (including share structure, extra-provincial corporations and Articles of Incorporation);
  • Initial set-up and organization of the corporate Minute Book;
  • Shareholders’ Agreements;
  • Agreements of Purchase and Sale of the shares and/or assets of a business (acting for either Purchaser or Vendor);
  • Corporate Reorganizations (including share cancellation, redemption, sale and transfer and Articles of Amendment);
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (including Articles of Amalgamation); and
  • Federal and Provincial corporate filings.

We would be pleased to assist you with all of your unique business matters. Please contact us to arrange an appointment today.

Our Lawyers

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