Real Estate Law

Gavel, House Keys and Model Home on Gradated Background with Selective Focus.At Matlow, Miller, Cummins, Thrasher, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality service in the field of real estate law.

Rest assured that all of your real estate needs will be handled by a professional, and complimented by a courteous staff of legal assistants that are pleased to assist you with all of your needs.

At Matlow, Miller, Cummins, Thrasher, we believe that the lawyer/client relationship is an extremely important means of assessing each client’s unique situation in order to ensure that all required legal steps are taken into account in each and every file.

Through discussions with the client, our lawyers are able to make decisions in the best interest of each individual client. Important steps can be missed when a lawyer is absent from the closing process.

The purchase and sale of real property in Ontario requires that each of the purchaser and seller have a real estate lawyer to complete the closing process.

The real estate team at Matlow, Miller, Cummins, Thrasher specializes in all areas of real estate law and are happy to assist you with all of your real estate needs. We have three lawyers and 5 staff members, covering the Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo area, that specialize in real estate law including: purchases, sales, mortgage refinancing and transfers of title.

Choosing a real estate lawyer is an important step in making certain that your transaction closes as smoothly as possible. When you contact us, we quote for ALL fees and costs that will be incurred in the transaction. As well, you will meet with your real estate lawyer when completing the process. At some firms, legal assistants meet with the client to sign the final legal documents. At Matlow, Miller, Cummins, Thrasher, you will always meet with a lawyer before completing your transaction.

Click on the link below to review an outline of the closing process in both a Purchase and Sale Transaction.

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